Luxe Motor; her designation and navigation area:

The Luxe motor is designed, has been and will be built for service in waters where the range to refuge is 150 nautical miles or less. This means she is suitable for inland waterways and for coastal waters. The geographical limits of the intended service are to be specified. The Luxe Motor will be operational by day and night, as well as in conditions of limited visibility.


Luxe Motor is designed and will be build in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Directive Pleasure Craft 94/25 CE Category C and in consultation with the regulations of Lloyds Register of Shipping for Pleasure Craft. The design with all drawings and calculations have already been approved and certified by NKIP (Nederlands Keurings Instituut Pleziervaartuigen) the Dutch Government appointed Notified Body nr. 0613.

Hull Construction:

The hull of the Luxe Motor and superstructure will be built in welded steel where the plates and the rest of the construction parts will be of Grade A Ship building steel. Official quality certificates will be provided. The whole hull will be sandblasted (SA 2.5) and properly coated.

The hull is generally of transverse construction with frame spacing of 500 mm and 350 mm.

Hull weight (steel) is 34 tons approximately.
The hull will be sandblasted and coated with first primer.

Machinery and Electrics:

One Diesel Engine Range 60-200 HP.

(speed range 8-11 knots) depending on costumers wishes.

Main electrical power 230 volts with a 30 HP generator set.

Auxiliary electric power 24 VDC.

Luxe Motor systems:

She can, upon customers wishes, be equipped wit following systems:

  • 130 kw diesel engine with one propellor
  • Fuel, cooling and lubrication systems complete
  • Hydraulic steering system and a bow thruster
  • All fuel and water (fresh, grey and black water) tanks
  • Full piping system with all needed pumps
  • Complete electrical and navigation systems
  • All anchoring and mooring gear
  • Heating, Airco and Ventilation systems
  • All sanitary systems and equipment
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Parking, lifting and docking system for a small car

Communication and Navigation Equipment:

Communication may be made possible through radio and satelite communication:

  • Short wave radio and VHF
  • Satelite equipment for access to internet and e-mail
  • Satellite equipment for radio and tv reception

Navigation system may include the most advanced equipment, enabling navigation under any condition:

  • GPS and kompas
  • Radar and autopilot
  • Log, depth sounder
  • Chart plotters (computerized) etc.


The Luxe Motor is designed for cruising and living on board for long periods of time or even as a permanent residence. The guest cabins have a shared bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink and there is a fresh water supply for over 3 weeks. In the engine room space has been created for the installation of a laundry and a drying machine.The main hold gives place for the saloon / kitchen combination. The master bedroom can be reached through the wheelhouse as well as through the engine room.


  • The master bedroom has a living space of appr. 12 square meters a standing height of 2,5 meter and a bathroom with bath, toilet and sink of 2.5 m2.
  • The two guest cabins have 6,5 m2 each, standing height 2.5 as well and a shared bathroom of 2.5 m2 with shower, toilet and wash-stand.
  • The main saloon in the former hold (cargo area) has a living area of 33,5 m2. All can be arranged according to customers request. Saloon, kitchen office space, navigation corner as desired.
  • The lower part of the wheelhouse is made of steel while the upper removable part is designed in wood. This part can be removed by 2 persons in 20 minutes, reducing the necessary headway to 3.5 meter.
  • The engine room (12m2) is between the owner’s cabin and the saloon and there is a  door to each one. In the engine room there is enough space for all equipment (engine with its systems, electricity system, ventilation system, heating system, air conditioning system etc.).
  • A small garage could be build in the front part of the hold above the guestroom beds and would be invisible from the shore (3.6 m x 2 m) is in the forepart of the hold above the guestroom beds and is invisible from the shore.
  • The hydraulic steering system is located in the stern peak while place for the bow thruster and chain box has been created in the forepeak.

But all the specifications can and will be designed and built according to the wishes of the future owner. One could have a sun deck in stead of the master cabin and the guestrooms replaced by a huge bedroom for the captain.
The garage can be left out and the dimensions could be changed.
Feel free to ask for any information you wish.
Design and construction will be done in full consultation and cooperation with the future owner of the Luxe Motor
Do not hesitate to contact us by mail: and/or fettben@eunet.yu.