………is ready to build your Luxe Motor according to your specific needs and wishes.

A perfect design has been developed out of a combination of the best designs (Fa. D. Boot, Alphen for the connoisseur) available in the field of historic Luxe Motor vessels in the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam and a profound knowledge and long experience in ship building.
A perfectly trimmed ship will give you a phenomenal living environment while sailing or anchored or in a harbor.
Seen the dimension of this Luxe Motor, she is not only perfectly suited for the Dutch lakes and channels, the French and the British channels but for any European waterway and the coastal waters.

The Luxe Motor ships are build in accordance with the rules and guidelines of the “Directive Pleasure Craft 94/25 EC, Category B”* and the standards of the Dutch Shipping Inspection (IVW).

Classification bureau NKIP ** is our surveyor and takes care of the inspection of the final design, the calculations and construction. They provide as well the official approval and certification *** and the CE marking.

Read and discover more about our Luxe Motor on the web pages or ask for more information through fettben@planet.nl or fettben@eunet.yu


* “Directive Pleasure Craft94/25 EG, Category C “; instructions from the European Council and the European Parliament.

** “Nederlands Keurings Instituut Pleziervaartuigen” by the Dutch Government appointed classification bureau; Notified body nr. 0613.

*** All drawings, calculations and documentation have been approved by NKIP and have CE Certificates. The first prototype has been approved and certified as well. (see next pages).